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Fifty1 International offers best in class luxury properties management service suite. We are your one stop real estate solution provider with expertise in all properties related queries.

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Everyone's desire is to own a home; at Fifty1 International, we make that dream a reality by providing all-encompassing comprehensive services to our clients. Fifty1 International is committed to maintaining high quality standards while building long-term relationships with its clients and channel partners.


We seek to build a connection with our clients and channel partners that is completely open and valued, as well as a conducive atmosphere for everyone to grow and thrive. Fifty1 International uses innovation and constant improvement to grow and expand every day in order to provide the finest in the market and keep our clients and employees contended.

Akshay Sardana - Founder & CEO

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We're proud to call ourselves a bold, forward-thinking firm with a guiding purpose of empowering people to change the world. It's rewarding when industry peers, media organizations, and others think of us that way as well.