Sector 63, Golf Course Extension Road, Gurugram

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Sector 63, Gurugram

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About Adani Samsara Avasa

Welcome to the new luxury residential development Adani Samsara Avasa by the noted Adani Reality & Brahma Group. This unique low dense address is smartly intended in sector 63 Gurgaon on Golf Course Ex. Road where life would be a pleasant treat. Adani Samsara Avasa presents a tempting opportunity with apartments for sale. Developed by Adani Realty, this society is designed to cater to homebuyers' essential needs and desires. Scheduled for possession in December 2026, it assures timely delivery. Notably, it is a RERA-registered project, offering transparency and project details readily available on the state RERA portal. The RERA registration number for this project is GGM/648/380/2022/123DATED20.12.2022, ensuring peace of mind for prospective buyers.

Adani Samsara Avasa Highlights

Project Area: Adani Samsara Avasa spans 1.2 acres.

Unit Count: Approximately 68 units are available.

Towers: The housing society features 17 towers, each with 3 floors.

Amenities: Notable amenities include a Natural Pond, Swimming Pool, and Terrace Garden.

Landmark: HDFC Bank serves as a prominent landmark in Sector 63.

Transit Points: Closest transit points are Sector metro station, Sector metro station, with Sector metro station being the nearest.

Infrastructure: Sector 63 offers decent infrastructure with three educational institutes and about 15 medical care centers nearby.

Price Details


Investing in Adani Samsara Avasa could be a promising opportunity for several reasons. Firstly, Adani Group's strong track record in diverse sectors, including real estate, inspires confidence in their project's success. Additionally, the location in Gurgaon, a rapidly developing area, offers immense growth potential. The project's focus on sustainability and modern amenities appeals to today's discerning homebuyers. Furthermore, the robust demand for quality housing in the region ensures a potentially lucrative return on investment. Overall, Adani Samsara Avasa presents a compelling case for those seeking a real estate investment in a thriving market.

Types Sizes Prices
4 BHK 1676 sq ft 3.7 crore
4 BHK 2620 sq ft 6.08 crore

Adani Samsara Avasa Features

Property Prices: Property prices in the locality have recently changed by 32.1%.

Sector: Adani Samsara Avasa is situated in Sector 63.

Developer: The project is developed by Adani.

Location: It is located in Gurgaon, offering modern living with various conveniences.

Adani Samsara Avasa Amenities






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Adani Samsara Avasa Floorplans

Adani Samsara Avasa Location

Luxurious Locality: Sector 63 is known for its luxury apartments, distinguishing it from surrounding areas.

Golf Course Ext Road Ranking: It holds the #6 position in the Top 20 list on Golf Course Extension Road.

Proximity to Rapid Metro: Sector 63 is conveniently located near the Rapid Metro Line.

Excellent Road Connectivity: The locality boasts sound road connectivity, enhancing accessibility.

Active Social Amenities: Residents can enjoy a range of active social amenities in the area.

Planned Infrastructure Upgrades: Sector 63 is undergoing planned infrastructure upgrades for future development and improved living conditions.

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Adani Realty is synonymous with opulence and innovation, curating residential spaces that embody the essence of contemporary living. With a strong commitment to luxury, Adani Realty specializes in creating homes that epitomize modern lifestyles. Their portfolio showcases a diverse range of projects, each designed to offer a perfect blend of aesthetics, functionality, and comfort. Adani Realty's projects stand as testaments to architectural brilliance, featuring state-of-the-art amenities and cutting-edge design elements. The developer's dedication to excellence is evident in their meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that every aspect of their developments aligns with the highest standards. Adani Realty's emphasis on innovation and quality underscores its vision of providing residents with unparalleled living experiences. With a focus on creating sustainable communities, Adani Realty continues to set new benchmarks in the real estate industry, where luxury and innovation converge to create extraordinary living spaces.