Hindustan Mills, compound, Yadav Patil Ln, off SVS Road, Dadar, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400025

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About 25 South Bespoke Homes

25 South by The Wadhwa Group And Hubtown is one of the well-known under-construction projects in Prabhadevi, offering low-budget apartments. 25 South Prabhadevi is scheduled for possession in June 2028. With almost all basic amenities in place, 25 South brings highly affordable yet beautiful. Experience bespoke living at 25 South, Prabhadevi – a reflection of your life's journey where you've truly arrived. These seafront apartments, on one of the largest Arabian Sea adjacent properties, redefine luxury with a personal touch. Crafted for connoisseurs, every comfort here exudes perfection. It's not just a home; it's your sanctuary, your oasis of calm, and where your legacy resides.

25 South Bespoke Homes Highlights

Prabhadevi's Prestige: Prabhadevi, South Mumbai's upscale gem, boasts stunning sea views and tranquility.

Luxury Skyline: It showcases some of Mumbai's most opulent high-rise buildings.

Perfect Location: Prabhadevi offers easy access to cultural, culinary, and commercial destinations.

Divine Blessings: Iconic Siddhivinayak Temple, esteemed schools, and hospitals enrich the neighborhood.

Sophisticated Designs: 25 South blends modernity with old-world charm, emphasizing space, comfort, and safety.

Natural Light Abounds: Higher floor-to-floor heights invite ample sunlight and sea views.

Mood-Lit Living: Enjoy every moment with the Sun's mood-enhancing natural lighting in your bespoke home.

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Investing in South Bespoke Homes presents a lucrative opportunity. These prime properties offer luxury living in desirable locations, promising potential appreciation. With nearby amenities, scenic views, and strong rental demand, they are sound investments. Quality developers ensure construction quality and timely delivery. Bespoke options allow customization to personal preferences. Long-term financial security and status come with owning such prestigious homes. Nonetheless, thorough research, financial planning, and expert advice are crucial for making informed real estate investments that align with your financial goals and risk tolerance.

Types Sizes Prices
3 BHK sq ft 9.5 crore
4 BHK sq ft 13 crore

25 South Bespoke Homes Features

Elevated Living: Homes offer higher floor-to-floor heights, adding spaciousness for your treasures and accomplishments.

Refreshing Breezes: Designed for cross ventilation, each home welcomes the regular bay breeze.

Spectacular Views: Experience cosmopolitan living fused with serene bayfront vistas, from the sea to the city.

Timeless Elegance: Enjoy modern comforts rooted in traditional design principles for enduring homes.

25 South Bespoke Homes Amenities






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25 South Bespoke Homes Floorplans

25 South Bespoke Homes Location

INOX Nakshatra Mall: Approximately 1.5 KM away.

Plaza Cinema: About 2 KM from the location.

Mahim Beach: Close proximity at 2.1 KM.

D Y Patil International School: A quality educational institution just 2.5 KM away.

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Wadhwa Group and Hubtown

Wadhwa Group and Hubtown are two of the leading real estate developers in India. Both companies have a strong track record of delivering quality projects. Wadhwa Group is a family-owned business that has been in the industry for over 50 years. Hubtown is a publicly listed company that has been in the industry for over 20 years. Wadhwa Group focuses on residential projects, while Hubtown has a more diversified portfolio that includes residential, commercial, and industrial projects. Wadhwa Group has a presence in more cities than Hubtown, with projects in Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, and other major cities in India.